Overseeding & Aeration

St. Louis lawn aeration & overseeding for full, lush grass

PLEASE NOTE: Champion Lawn & Landscape will not be offering overseeding and aeration services in Fall 2018. We will resume service in Spring 2019.

Core aeration is the process of removing soil cores from your lawn using a machine. Making holes in the surface of your lawn allows deeper root growth and reduces soil compaction. Overseeding follows in order to sink grass seeds deep into the lawn, giving them a better chance to take root.

5 Benefits of St. Louis Lawn Aeration

A lawn aerator allows air, water, and nutrients direct access to the root system. Not only does lawn aerating give you a better-looking lawn, but it also thickens the turf, which promotes deeper root growth by allowing the roots to expand and grow deeper into the soil. Aerating your lawn can be done in the Spring or Fall for maximum benefit.

  1. Improving drainage and reduce runoff
  2. Reducing soil compaction
  3. Controlling thatch development
  4. Reducing drought damage
  5. Allowing water, air, and nutrients direct access to the root system.

In Missouri, it is not uncommon for cool-season lawns to look less than perfect after the stress of a hot summer. Disease, drought, heat, or poor soil may mean that it’s time for a round of overseeding. To keep a lawn looking great it will probably need at least some overseeding each year. The optimum time to seed cool-season turfgrasses is during September. This is when nature establishes cool-season grasses; therefore, the best results with the least amount of work occur at that time. March and April are second choices for seeding a lawn.


If you’re tired of cutting your own lawn every week for eight months every year, or if you’re unsatisfied with your current lawn service, try Champion on for size. Our rates are surprisingly affordable, and our results are exceptional.

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