Spring & Fall Yard Cleanup

See why our St. Louis yard cleanup service is tops

Spring and fall are ideal times of the year to remove the buildup of plants and flowers whose time has passed. Let Champion lawn do the dirty work for you.

Fall Yard Cleanup

Proper lawn care in the fall will yield maximum results the following growing season. Champion Lawn offers a full service fall clean-up that includes removal of all remaining leaves, twigs, debris, etc. We can remove spent annuals, prune shrubs, etc. We can tailor the fall clean-up to meet your needs.

Spring Yard Cleanup

Champion Lawn offers a full-service spring cleanup that can begin in early March to take care of trimming ornamentals grasses, such as Lirope and Fountain Grass. We will clean out all flower beds, to remove any left-over leaves from the previous fall. This is also a good time to apply mulch each year.


If you’re tired of cutting your own lawn every week for eight months every year, or if you’re unsatisfied with your current lawn service, try Champion on for size. Our rates are surprisingly affordable, and our results are exceptional.

Our Service Areas

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